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MOST Certification Training
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MOST Training

The MOST (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique) Work Measurement Technique has been a revolutionary system since its arrival to the United States in the early 1970s. The MOST System concentrates on analyzing activities based on the movement of objects.

There are three Systems in the MOST family which are supported by MOST training classes. BasicMOST and MiniMOST training are available online through the Accenture Workforce Optimization Academy. MaxiMOST training is currently available in our Pittsburgh training center and at client locations. MaxiMOST training will soon be incorporated into the online format.

Benefits of using MOST and MOST training include:
  • Application speed
    • MOST was designed to be much faster than conventional work measurement techniques such as time study.
    • This also affects the time needed for certification in MOST training it takes half the time to become certified in MOST as it does for MTM.
  • Accuracy
    • MOST training explains how time values in MOST are based on calculations that guarantee the overall accuracy of the final time standard.
  • Applicator deviations
    • Accuracy of any system is dependent on both the system deviation and the applicator deviation. Using MOST training to become certified in a MOST System results in a reduction in applicator error for two reasons. The first is that MOST requires less detailed analysis, resulting in less applicator error, and a higher degree of accuracy. The second is that through certification by Accenture in MOST training, applicators are trained in a standard set of rules and guidelines to follow. This increases consistency among applicators and future readers of a MOST analysis.
  • Compatibility of MOST Systems
    • MOST Systems are designed to provide the optimal combination of speed, detail and accuracy of an analysis at all levels of application. Because of the consistent structure within and between the versions of MOST, once you have learned one system and one activity sequence through MOST training, it is easy to understand and learn the rules of the other Systems.
  • Method sensitivity
    • MOST training discusses how it is easy to identify method opportunities simply by reviewing a MOST analysis, since MOST is primarily concerned with the motions that make up an activity. After attending MOST training, an applicator will be trained to spot areas for improvement by reviewing any high index values within an analysis.
To learn more about the suite of courses for MOST training, click here to review all of the courses offered.

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