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MOST Certification Training
is now...ONLINE!
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Accenture Workforce Optimization Academy
is now...ONLINE!
MOST Online Software Tool
The World's Best Work Measurement Tool is now...ONLINE!
Accenture Workforce Optimization Services
Increase productivity, improve quality and change culture.

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  CLICK HERE to review the complete course details of the online MOST Certification Program including benefits and course syllabus.

CLICK HERE to view a MOST Certification Program Online Demonstration video.

“Thought this site was well organized and very easy to navigate. Enjoyed the in depth detail of each section and the ease of understanding in which the information was presented.”
Process Technician – Automotive Parts Supplier

“The example descriptions and videos were helpful and good training for building TMU.”
Senior Industrial Engineer – Logistics Provider

“Best online course I’ve ever taken”
Process Improvement Specialist – Retail Grocery

COURSE SUMMARY: This training course is broken into several short courses designed to provide you with a broad perspective of work measurement and teach you how to apply the BasicMOST work measurement system.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: (by the end of this course you will be able to)

  • Calculate the time that a task or set of tasks should take to be performed.
  • Apply predetermined time values to activities from memory or from a data card according to the rules of BasicMOST work measurement system.
  • Observe operator activities and write accurate method descriptions using the work measurement system.
  • Analyze work on the basis of moving objects using the BasicMOST work measurement system.
  • Identify work measurement activities in terms of the basic sequence models for manual work: General Move, Controlled Move, Tool Use and Equipment Use.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone interested in learning an efficient and widely accepted work measurement system.


    Understand the foundation of work measurement

  • Learn why work measurement is important to an organization.
  • Learn about the traditional work measurement techniques of time study and predetermined motion time systems.
  • Application courses designed to teach and provide practice in completing sequence models.
  • Video courses designed to guide the participant through the complete process of identifying objects and measuring work with MOST.
    Learn the four basic sequence models used in the BasicMOST work measurement
  • General Move – work measurement sequence model for the movement of an object freely through the air.
  • Controlled Move – work measurement sequence model for the movement of an object while it remains in contact with a surface or is attached to another object during movement.
  • Tool Use – work measurement sequence model for the use of common hand tools.
  • Equipment Use - sequence model for various administrative activities.


  • The online training course includes all supporting documentation necessary to understand MOST including the MOST Work Measurement Systems book, the BasicMOST data card and job aids.
  • Phone and email support are provided for both MOST concept related questions and any technical issues.


  • Enables you to analyze any type of manual work with one of the most efficient and widely used work measurement techniques.
  • Reduces the time needed to analyze work as MOST can be applied in a fraction of the time it takes to perform traditional work measurement time study or other predetermined motion time systems.
  • Provides you with a work measurement tool that is ‘method sensitive’ where the outcome of the analysis provides cues as to where there are opportunities for saving time, money and energy.
  • Eliminates the subjectivity involved in performance rating an activity since the MOST work measurement technique is based on a 100% pace.
  • Meets the work measurement needs of many industries such as manufacturing, service and distribution and is a work measurement tool that is well accepted by employees, unions and management.



Length: 44 courses totaling 31 hours of training
Format: Online - 1 year subscription to the
Accenture Workforce Optimization Academy
Registration Fee: $2,000 USD
Contact us for pricing for 5 or more participants


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the MOST Certification Program - Online today.
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will be sent within one business day.
If you need to register more than one person, please complete a separate transaction for each registration.



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